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chives ([personal profile] loveberry) wrote2018-12-10 12:17 am
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>> semi-friends only

personal and/or questionable content will be friends-only!
i get up to some gnarly shit sometimes, so PLEASE read warnings on individual posts to avoid NSFW and/or triggering content.

chives / 24 / queer
genres: 90s-00s, shojo, magical girls, idols, isekai, eroge, kids anime, yuri, etc.
fandoms: aikatsu, precure, tmm, mermaid melody, pretty series, konosuba, pokemon, overwatch, etc.
interests: kink/bdsm, cooking, true crime, self-insert shipping, OCs, tech/net history, tabletop, japanese, arcades, doujin, sociology, history, reading, etc
better bio will come eventually. give me time

if you'd like to be added, you can comment here or privately message me!

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